How it All Started

We are in 1985, refugees are fleeing war areas to find refuge in Beirut suburbs. In Fanar, the NGO Saint Vincent de Paul Society in Lebanon (SSVP) is looking how to help refugee women and Gilberte Zouein is asked to lead the project. She accepts on the one condition: that she would provide them with a decent work rather than just offering them material aid. As a result, the Mabrouk workshop was founded, as part of the SSVP. It is now run by a committee of volunteer women who gathered around Gilberte, and all profits are used to finance the activity and hire women in need.

Our Vision

Mabrouk’s vision is to empower women in need, by giving them work and allowing them to support their families. Mabrouk also aims at training its employees to a level of excellence in home linen artisanship. Our vision was quite ambitious, we want to modernise the work of embroidery and make of it an art by researching new designs, using sophisticated colours and high-quality fabrics such as linen, Italian canvas and organza.

Our Work

From new sketches and inspirations, our work starts with colors and materials and finishes with the end model. The workshop, which employs 14 full-time women, helps the committee in the creation of new collections and bespoke models. The workshop also trains and supervises hand embroiders who, once trained on a new model, work from home, which allows them to handle their work while being around their families. Mabrouk has employed up to 200 hand embroiders. Year after year, Mabrouk has grown to become the most high-end linen creation workshop in Lebanon, receiving orders from Lebanon, and abroad, including the White House in the USA.

Passion For Art

Embroidery is a demanding art that requires patience and a specific skill-set. Throughout the years, and with the dedication of the women, we have become specialized in several types of fine embroidery such as:

  • Hand embroidery with a drum, is done by the women who have acquired an excellent know-how. A 4m long tablecloth can require up to 6 months of work, depending on the complexity and richness of the embroidery.
  • Mabrouk has also developed another embroidery technique: hand-assisted machine embroidery. The embroiderer works on a machine specially adapted to embroidery. It is she who directs the machine, adapts it to the type of embroidery chosen, changes the tensions according to the fabrics and threads, as well as the colour threads for each design.
  • The inlays of lace or fabric. It is also a very meticulous work and requires great precision depending on the design.

Our Creations

Initially specialized in tablecloths, Mabrouk has extended its product line to household linen, fine lingerie and baby linen such as christening gowns. Another product line crafted was that of the abayas and caftans which emphasize our Lebanese heritage. To perpetuate this traditional outfit, we adapted to the requirements of the modern life.
By the quality of its products and the refinement of its embroideries, Mabrouk has acquired a place of choice in the luxury trades and collaborates occasionally with great designers.

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